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Revolutionize Your Ophthalmic Hiring
Process With Us Today!

Optometrist Jobs

Finding Eye Care Professionals should not be challenging, but unfortunately, the eye care industry is continually short-staffed. This can lead to added stress on your current staff, and you, which can then affect patient care and customer service.

We don't want this! This is why we're here, to build our industry up from the inside, as our overall goal as ECPs is to help patients with their eye care needs. We need more ECPs to help when licensure is at risk and to grow opticianry, optometry, and ophthalmology in each state. Working together is critical for success.

We offer two methods to find you some of the best candidates! Eyetastic Jobs is a job board where you can post your job for FREE (please share with others, so we can keep the postings free, too!) or Eyetastic Services, our concierge recruiting service to source, screen, and place viable candidates to meet your staffing needs.

Why Choose Eyetastic Services?​

We understand that finding the right candidate for your business can be daunting. We offer knowledge-based staffing and recruiting services to help you hire the perfect fit for your team. We pride ourselves on our competitive pricing and our contingency-based model means you don't pay until we find you a viable candidate.

Our team of recruiters are Eye Care Professionals who have a comprehensive understanding of the optical, optometric, and ophthalmic industries. We leverage numerous recruiting tools and strategies to create and post job advertisements, source candidates, and manage interviews. As an extension of your HR/Recruiting department, we provide expert advice on job offers, descriptions, negotiations, and onboarding while representing your brand and culture.

We believe that you should be able to focus on growing your business instead of finding viable candidates. That's why we're here to answer any questions or advice when needed. Trust us to help you find the perfect fit for your team.

Please schedule a FREE consultation today to see how Eyetastic Services can help staff your practice!


Find Top Eye Care Professionals with Eyetastic Services

Finding the right talent for your business is crucial. We go the extra mile to market your job openings efficiently and effectively. Our team of experienced recruiting professionals creates custom job posts tailored to attract top-quality candidates' attention. By optimizing these posts with key strategies, we ensure maximum visibility and reach in the online job market.

We don't just stop at posting your jobs on various social platforms; we engage with active and passive candidates to ensure we leave no stone unturned in finding the right fit for your organization. Our recruiting team reaches out to potential candidates through multiple channels, and this proactive approach allows us to tap into a wider talent pool, increasing the chances of finding the perfect match.

We understand that hiring the right candidate is a critical investment for your business. That's why we offer a guarantee for finding the perfect fit. If, for any reason, the candidate we place does not meet your expectations within a specified timeframe, we will provide a replacement at no additional cost. We are committed to finding the best candidates for your organization and ensuring your satisfaction.

Partnering with Eyetastic Services means accessing a dedicated team of recruitment experts who will work tirelessly to find the best candidates for your job openings. Our contingency-based approach, custom posts, active and passive candidate outreach, job marketing, and guarantee make us the ideal choice for businesses looking to attract top talent.

Don't let the daunting task of finding the right candidates burden your business—Trust Eyetastic Services to address your recruitment needs and deliver exceptional results. 

We Recruit All Eye Care Professionals

We understand the importance of having skilled professionals in the eye care industry. That's why we have developed a comprehensive, affordable recruitment process to find the best talent within the eye care industry. We work with all modes of practice, including private, ODMD, franchises, sublease, practice for sale (select states), corporate, and more.

Trying On Glasses

Optical Professionals


Hospital Professionals


Optometric Professionals


Sales Professionals


Ophthalmic Professionals


Research Professionals

The Recruitment Process

Optical shop
Source Candidates

Based upon your specific needs for your new employee, we will create and post advertisements, and directly search for, and engage with active and passive candidates. 

Eye Trial Frame
Interview Candidates

We interview candidates to ensure they meet the wants and needs of your business. To save you time, we only refer candidates that meet your criteria.

Optical Glasses
Guide Candidates

When you decide that a candidate would be perfect for your business, we can assist with offers, negotiations, and reference checks to ensure a successful recruitment process. 

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Not Ready for Recruitment Assistance?

Eyetastic Jobs is the perfect solution for Eye Care Professionals seeking to fill their staffing needs. Our job board platform offers a range of openings, including temporary and permanent coverage, practices for sale, subleases, research, academia, and ownership/partnership opportunities for a variety of positions, including Optical Technician Jobs, Ophthalmic Technician Jobs, Optometric Technician Jobs, Optician Jobs, Optometrist Jobs, Ophthalmologist Jobs, Frame/Lens Representative, and more. Best of all, you can post your job for FREE!


Post your job for FREE today and take the first step towards building a stronger team.

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