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  • What is a staffing, placement, and recruitment agency?
    A staffing, placing, and recruitment agency is a professional service that connects job seekers with potential employers. These agencies are hired by employers to source and select qualified candidates for various job positions across different industries. They act as intermediaries between employers and job seekers, streamlining the hiring process and ensuring a good match between the two parties. Eyetastic Services prides itself on its extensive network and industry connections, enabling them to access a wide pool of top talent. We ensure that every candidate is thoroughly vetted, saving valuable time and resources for their clients while making it easy for candidates to ask questions and seek advice on their life-changing event - a new job. We aim to build long-term relationships as we understand that successful placements go beyond just matching skills and qualifications. We strive to find candidates who align with the company's culture, values, and goals, resulting in higher employee satisfaction and retention rates.
  • What services does Eyetastic Services provide?
    Eyetastic Services specializes in staffing and recruiting for the eye care industry. We connect healthcare practices with qualified employees, provide job boards, recruiting services, digital marketing for businesses, and career advice for eye care professionals.
  • What are the benefits of working with recruiters that have first-hand knowledge of the industry?
    Working with recruiters who have first-hand knowledge of the industry offers several benefits. Firstly, these recruiters possess industry expertise and knowledge. They understand the specific requirements and nuances of the industry, allowing them to source candidates who are a perfect fit for your organization. This helps in reducing staff turnover by ensuring that the right professionals are sourced. Secondly, recruiters with industry knowledge can provide valuable insights, advice, and guidance throughout the hiring process. They can conduct assessments to better understand employee needs and recommend suitable candidates who may not be easily accessible. Lastly, working with industry experts can help improve your business overall as they bring in-depth understanding and experience in your specific field.
  • What is the difference between a contingency and retained contract for recruiting candidates?
    The main difference between contingency and retained contracts lies in the payment structure. Contingency recruitment is where the company engages a recruiter to fill lower to mid-level vacancies, and payment is only made if a candidate is hired. Retained recruitment, on the other hand, involves paying an upfront fee to a recruitment firm for access to their candidates, with the guarantee of exclusivity. Retained recruitment is typically used for more senior roles and provides exclusive access to a recruitment firm's services.
  • What types of positions does Eyetastic Services hire for?
    Eyetastic Services hires for a variety of positions in the eye care industry, including technicians, medical assistants, sales representatives, managers, opticians, nurses, optometrists, ophthalmologists, and other eye care professionals.
  • How can Eyetastic Services help eye care practices with their staffing needs?
    We take a proactive, modern approach to recruitment, utilizing cutting-edge technology and strategies to identify the best talent for eye care practices. We focus on building long-term relationships and finding candidates who align with the company culture, ultimately improving patient care and reducing medical errors.
  • Do you charge candidates for your services?
    No! Eyetastic Services does not charge candidates for their services. Our aim is to help both job seekers and employers find the perfect match without any financial burden on the candidates. Also, we offer a free job board called Eyetastic Jobs, where candidates can submit their resumes and receive job alerts from all employers in the eye care industry. Therefore, if you are a job seeker in the eye care industry, you can use our services without any charges. Yay!
  • How can I apply for a job through Eyetastic Services?
    To apply for a job, you can send your CV/resume to the email address or contact number provided on our website. We ensure confidentiality throughout the hiring process.
  • How can Eyetastic Services help me advance my career in the eye care industry?
    Eyetastic Services has a deep understanding of the eye care industry and a vast network of connections. We can help match you with the right opportunities that align with your skills, experience, and career goals, allowing you to take the next step in your professional journey. Send us your CV/resume in the Job Seekers section along with what you are looking for in your new opportunity, and we will reach out to you accordingly.
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