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Interview Etiquette

You’re heading to your interview to meet the employer and, maybe, other employees! Excitement, nerves, happiness, anxiousness, confidence, or perhaps a lack of confidence are a few emotions that you will be experiencing.

This life-changing event is stressful regardless of your excitement or eagerness to change paths. We are here to tell you that you can do this and try not to overthink it on the day. As your Eye Care Agents, we aim to help you throughout the recruitment process, from sourcing to interviews to negotiations and onboarding.

Nervousness is the most common emotion people experience before and during interviews, and we understand that. Just remember, some employers get nervous doing interviews too! We will go over what is crucial to your interview, from attire to interviewing, which will build your confidence.

Do not ghost employers

Seriously, do not ghost people. Not only is it rude and time waste, but so unprofessional and disrespectful. Even here at Eyetastic Services, we prep for the call, take time away from our families and want to help you. If you call and say it is not the right time, that is much better, and then you can apply again. We all know issues happen, but it does not help with trust, so the earlier you cancel, the better.

If you need to cancel, let the employer or agent know immediately. The best way is through a phone call, but text and email will suffice if you cannot get through. Please refrain from making it a habit when you start working there.

Dress professionally

Dress to impress in your interview. Buy something new or borrow something (it is technically new to you) if you can, that fits you quite well. Unfortunately, we hear all the time that GREAT candidates get passed over for opportunities for not being dressed appropriately, and we want you to have the best chance at success😀

Women should wear slacks, knee-length or longer skirts/dresses, a nice blouse (preferably long sleeve and not low cut), excellent hygiene, clean nails, closed-toe shoes, and simple jewelry. Men should wear a nice suit with a tie or dress shirt and slacks, clean/polished shoes, good hygiene, and clean nails.

If you have tattoos or lots of piercings, please hide them. Unfortunately, prior generations have been instilled to not like them in employees, which is slowly changing. You can ask this question about the tattoo policies, though, preferably after you receive an offer.

Be polite during your interview

Please arrive about 10 minutes early and check into the office by offering an excellent introduction and greeting, “Hi! My name is XXX, and I am here to see XXX for our noon interview.” When you enter the interview area with the hiring manager, be friendly.

Look at this like a date where you are each trying to see if you can make a business relationship in the future. The employer is seeing if you will be a good fit, and you are seeing if you would be a good fit.

Take your time answering questions; it is okay for an extremely short pause (1-2 seconds) to get your thoughts in order. All answers should be directed toward how you will be a good fit in the office in a positive eloquent manner.

Do not state anything negative about your previous employers or why you left the previous company. While we all know that sometimes people clash; however, it will make you seem like you do not get along with anyone. All your answers to the interview should be geared toward the work you are applying to, whether from work or personal experiences.

What to ask the employer?

Your goal is to see if you can work here for quite some time as you want to avoid being known as job hoppers since they are generally passed over opportunities in future employment. Questions should be geared toward how this benefits you as the interviewer asks how this will help their company—growth potential within the organization and how to move out.

Questions about your expectations, and pay structure, including bonus potential, signing bonus, and even when raises occur, are perfect to ask during the interview and should be discussed. This is one of the great reasons to work with a recruiter, as we work as your agent and focus on these questions before your on-site interview. We always recommend shadowing for a few hours to get a feel for the position if the employer allows it.


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