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Improve Your Chances of Hiring

Some candidates will come in for an interview and do a great job, but you never hear from them again. Others will be a perfect fit for the company culture, but you can't hire them because of their lack of experience.

It's frustrating to know that some people want to work with you but don't have the necessary qualifications. Follow these tips to hire top talent and not settle for anyone.

Be Clear About Your Company Culture

Company culture shares the same values and goals, which are aligned among the organization. Come up with one or two phrases that identify the brand and culture of your business. Make it stand out in the job description and interview😁

Seek Out Candidates Who Have Worked at Other Companies Similar to Yours

The best way to find candidates that work in similar companies is to use LinkedIn to search for those companies and see who works there. Here you can reach out to passive candidates for a new opportunity. While there are other platforms out there, this would be the easiest to use.

Ask Candidates What They Want from Their Career

People are different, and each has different views of their future. Some want growth, while others want to be more stagnant. Therefore, the interview needs to be a good fit for BOTH the candidate and the employer.

Share Your Company Vision with Them

Your new hires must be aligned with your goals for your future endeavors. During the interview, share your goals for your company and work together to see if each would be a good fit.

Give Them a Reason Why You Think They Would Be a Great Fit for The Position

Tell the candidate exactly why they would be an outstanding employee for your company. Be honest, but when they leave the interview, you want them to feel good about it.

Ask Open Ended Questions

Open-ended questions allow you to bring the candidate out of their shell. Make it conversational and natural to allow the most candid experience with your interviewee. Be careful of answering the questions while you are asking them.

Listen, Not Just Hear

There is a difference between listening to someone and hearing them (ask my children!). Your candidate can tell if your focus is not on them, and even if you decide you want to hire them, you may get ghosted.

Be Willing to Put Effort into Your Applicant

Sometimes, you need to show your applicant that you support them and will not take them for granted. Consider some forms of third-party training that could help candidates with less experience but the right attitude will help meet your requirements.

Also, I truly believe the small stuff makes the difference when doing an interview: thank your candidate, grab them a bottle of water, show them around the location and introduce them to the team.

Be Fun

Gone are the days of stringent interviews based on a series of questions. You are "selling" your company, and the candidate is "selling" themselves. Each party will be in a partnership where they need each other to build the business. Showcase your company and be proud🤝


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