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Job Postings Tips

We have tested numerous postings to see what works best for active sourcing candidates, which is what we found to be the best layout, as shown below. Please, please do not post those long job descriptions, no one reads them, plus it is outdated. Save that for the offer letter/contract, as this job advertisement goes to all the job boards where your goal is to attract, not detract, viable candidates.

We are all Eye Care Professionals and have been trained informally and formally for our profession. We look further for a brief overview of the opportunities and the specialty. Is it a private, corporate, sublease, ophthalmology, sports, neuro, oculo, pediatrics, etc.? Sell your job to the seeker that you want👁️💗👀

This is the best layout for the job posting on job boards, giving us the most responses. To sell the opportunity, we aim to make everything as clear, concise, and consistent as possible. Think about the whole feature and benefits, as we do with educating patients, where the feature is the opportunity, and the benefits will benefit the candidate. State the opportunity and a brief overview of what they will do, and paint them a visual of your brand and culture. Of course, follow up with the benefits and how to contact you with a friendly closing.

Job Title in City, State

About the Opportunity

About the Practice

About the Culture

About the Benefits


Some Helpful Tips

1. When posting your advertisement, we hope you use an ATS, not a CRM, which will post your opportunity to other job boards, saving you time and money. There are so many to choose from out there, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us 😉

2. Advertise your job in different categories if you are looking for someone that is not experienced and where you will train them for certification/licensure.

3. Post your job every 15-30 days to keep it new and fresh, especially for those harder-to-find positions like Certified Technicians, Opticians, Optometrists, and Ophthalmologists. Look at it like this. If you are looking for a job and see one that is 45 days old, you probably will not apply. You may not even apply to one that is 20 days old. As a bonus, your job will be sent to job seekers and posted on the top again.

4. Reach out as soon as possible to the candidates. It only takes a few minutes. Active candidates are applying to numerous openings, and you do not want to lose someone by waiting a few days or months. Communication is key, and this will show the candidate that you are responsive.

5. Make it easy for the candidates to reach you whether you use a free scheduling link, email, or a phone call.

Eyetastic Services can help you find your new hire by sourcing active and passive candidates to allow you to focus on your practice. If you need help, reach out to us today by emailing


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